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keepin it real swlcaLiterature is often times very difficult for students to understand and translate. Even though students can read it, they cannot comprehend what the passage or poem is about. Eighth grade language teacher, Mrs. Jessica Aguillard, had a great solution. She decided to find a way to connect literature and literary devices to the students’ real life. She began her unit by having students read a poem and discuss the theme. Turns out, the poem they read was actually the lyrics to a popular song many students later recognized. She also showed them the music video to help them determine the theme. Students then had to analyze several other music from multiple genres to determine the literary device used. By using music the students were familiar with, it made the often difficult concept easier to understand. To display their new knowledge, students had to create a poster to present to the class with their song and the literary device they found within it. Mrs. Aguillard will take it one step deeper and have students write their own poetry to focus on a specific literary device and focus on the same theme from the poster project. By bringing in real world connections, Mrs. Aguillard’s eighth graders will undoubtingly have a deep rooted understanding of this difficult skill.